The Longitudinal survey of youth (Ungdomsforløbundersøgelsen) 1968-2010

The Danish Longitudinal survey of youth provides a unique insight into the progression of the respondents’ lives (for example, education, career and family) and in the relationship between generations, including in terms of (negative) social legacy.

For over 40 years, the Danish Longitudinal survey of youth have tracked approximately 3,000 individuals from when they were young in 1968 to today, where many of them have teenage or adult children.

The children of the original respondents were interviewed in the latest survey (Danish longitudinal survey of youth – children, a generational survey) so that the youth progression survey now covers three generations:

  • The parents of the original respondents
  • The original respondents
  • The original respondents’ children

There are only very few studies that have tracked families over three generations.

You can read more about the Danish longitudinal survey of youth at SFI’s homepage.

The individual surveys can be found and ordered here:

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