The Danish election survey 1971-2019

Download The Election Study 1971-2019. It consists of a unique time series of survey data on party elections and political attitudes in Denmark spanning across half a century.

At every parliamentary election since 1971, the Danish Election Study has carried out countrywide representative voter studies. The primary purpose of these election studies has been to uncover the most important reasons for why voters vote as they do. You can read more about the Danish National Election Study at

The Election survey allows you to analyze and compare public sentiment over time:

  • Who are people voting for?
  • Which topics are considered important?
  • Is there trust towards the politicians?

Terms of use

Data may only be used for scientific or statistical purposes and for the reporting of aggregated information. Please note that identifying variables (ID numbers, names etc.) is removed from the downloadable version of the data. If you need access to the full dataset please contact

Download the Election Study series:

Election study 1971-2019 (102,8mb)

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