What you may take into the reading room

There are a number of rules for what you may bring into the reading room. The rules are designed to secure the Danish National Archives’ collections for posterity.

New opening hours at the Danish National Archives reading rooms from 1 January 2017
The Danish National Archives are limiting and adjusting opening hours in the reading rooms.

Electronic registration of users in the reading rooms
From 1 July 2016 all users of the reading rooms will be registered electronically.

You may take the following into the reading room

  • Own laptop/tablet without bag
  • Maximum 20 sheets of loose papers without folders, binder or document cover. Additional paper in loose sheets is available in the reading room.
  • Pencils/propelling pencils without pencil case
  • A small purse/wallet
  • Spectacles and magnifying glass
  • Mobile phone (must be on silent)
  • Camera without case (not to be used with flash)
  • Digital storage devices (e.g. USB key)
  • Required medicine (in agreement with the staff on duty

You can get a clear plastic bag at the counter for the items you bring to the reading room.

You may not take the following

The above rules imply that you may not take:

  • Outdoor clothing
  • Food or beverages
  • Bags (all types including small women’s handbags)
  • Private original documents that can be confused with records

You can use the wardrobes to store the things you may not take into the reading room. If you have questions about the rules or are in doubt about what you may take into the reading room, please contact the staff.