Rules in the reading room

The Danish National Archives have a number of rules, which visitors to the reading rooms must observe. The rules exist both for the sake of the other visitors to the reading rooms and to ensure that the records are preserved for posterity.

New opening hours at the Danish National Archives reading rooms from 1 January 2017
The Danish National Archives are limiting and adjusting opening hours in the reading rooms.

Electronic registration of users in the reading rooms
From 1 July 2016 all users of the reading rooms will be registered electronically.

When you arrive

Outdoor clothing, bags and other items that may not be taken into the reading rooms must be left in the wardrobe.

See what you may take into the reading rooms

When you visit our reading rooms, you must register electronically – i.e. be registered as a user, and on subsequent visits you must scan your Danish health card/temporary loan card on arrival at the reading room. Then you proceed through the security lock where you must show the items you have brought with you to an employee. Your laptop or tablet must be opened. Finally, you will be assigned a place in the reading room.

Speak quietly

The reading room is a workplace for many people. Therefore, please show consideration and speak quietly.

You can obtain information on the individual archives’ websites about the possibility of using silent workrooms, where there must be absolutely quiet, and group workdays, where you may speak loudly.

Speaking on mobile phones in the reading room is prohibited. Mobile phones must be on silent.

Visitors must also follow the instructions of the staff.

Handling records

The archives are unique historical documents that cannot be replaced if they are damaged or lost. Therefore, they must be treated safely and with caution. The Danish National Archives have a number of security rules to support this purpose:

  • There must be only one package or document on the table at any one time
  • Do not moisten your fingers while working
  • Never put lines or marks in the archives
  • Never use the archive as a writing pad
  • Never remove anything from the packages
  • The order of the documents in the package must not be changed

Violation of these rules may lead to expulsion from the Danish National Archives reading rooms.