Reading room in Copenhagen

The Danish National Archives, Copenhagen holds records from all authorities in the central administration, including government departments, agencies and the defence forces, as well as from private persons and organizations of national general cultural importance. The Archive also has records from local and regional authorities and institutions on Zealand, Lolland-Falster, Møn and Bornholm.

The reading room – the Research Reading Room – is a joint reading room shared by the Royal Danish Library and the Danish National Archives located in The Black Diamond. Find the address and the opening hours here.

Find the regulations for the Research Reading Room here.

Bring personal ID with picture

Remember to bring personal ID with Picture.
Electronic registration of visitors at our reading rooms

At the reading room, you can:

See records in original or copy

  • See original records, which you order on the archive database Daisy.
  • See copies of records (micro card) which you either fetch yourself or order on order forms.

The records can be used by all interested if they are immediately available.  Alternatively, you can apply for permission to see them.

You can use a number of digitized records on the internet. You can find the digitized records at the online archives Arkivalieronline or through the archive database Daisy. Records that can be used on the internet cannot be ordered for use in the reading room.

Use the reading room’s facilities

  • Reference works and other resources to find records containing the information you are looking for.
  • The reading room’s wireless network.

Get help

Rules in the reading room

The Danish National Archives have a number of rules that visitors to the reading rooms must observe.

Read the regulations for use of the Research Reading Room here

Public facilities

Find Practical Information for the Black Diamond here