Reading room in Aabenraa

The Danish National Archives, Aabenraa holds records from the local and regional authorities and institutions in the area from Kongeåen to the border.

Opening hours and addresses for the National Archives reading rooms

Bring personal ID with picture

Remember to bring personal ID with picture.
Electronic registration of visitors at our reading rooms

At the reading room, you can:

See records in original or copy

  • See original records, which you order on the archive database Daisy.
  • See copies of records (microfilm or micro card) which you either fetch yourself or order on order forms.

The records can be used by all interested if they are immediately available.  Alternatively, you can apply for permission to see them.

You can use a number of digitized records on the internet. You can find the digitized records at the online archives Arkivalieronline or through the archive database Daisy. Records that can be used on the internet cannot be ordered for use in the reading room.

Use the reading room’s facilities

  • Reference works and other resources to find records containing the information you are looking for.
  • The reading room’s wireless network.
  • A group room that is used for special courses. The group room can be reserved, but records may not be taken into the room.

Get help

Rules in the reading room

The Danish National Archives have a number of rules that visitors to the reading rooms must observe. The rules exist both for the sake of the other visitors to the reading rooms and to ensure that the records are preserved for posterity.

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  • Public facilities

    Outdoor clothing, briefcases and bags etc. must be left in the cloakroom as these items may not be taken into the reading room. There are lockable boxes in the cloakroom and the toilets are adjacent to it.

    Visitors to the Archive may eat and drink in the foyer and the Archive’s lunchroom (reserved for staff 12.00-12.30 and 14.00-14.15).

    There is a vending machine for hot drinks in the foyer.

  • Transport and parking

    Public transport
    The Archive is situated on Haderslevvej 45 in Aabenraa, about 20 minutes’ walk from Aabenraa bus station. Bus number 23 goes directly from the bus station to the bus stop beside the Archive.

    If you come by car, it is possible to park in the parking lot beside the Archive.

  • Conditions for the disabled

    It is possible to use the reading room in Aabenraa if you are disabled or walking-impaired. The places in the reading room of the Archive are designed to accommodate wheelchair and walker users. If you use a wheelchair or otherwise cannot move around the reading room, the staff of the reading room can help you to fetch records to the extent that this is possible.

    There is a disabled toilet adjacent to the cloakroom.

    There are two bays reserved for disabled parking close to the entrance to the Archive.