Photographing records

If you bring your own camera, you can take photos of the records you use in the reading room. There are special photo stations in some reading rooms and we have tripods and lamps that you can borrow in Copenhagen and Viborg.

New opening hours at the Danish National Archives reading rooms from 1 January 2017
The Danish National Archives are limiting and adjusting opening hours at the reading rooms.

Where can records be photographed

You may photograph on a small scale at your desk in the reading room.

Large-scale photography: If there are special photo stations in the reading room, please use them when photographing a large number of records. If there are no special photo stations, the supervisory staff can advise where the records may be photographed.

Borrow photo equipment

At present, we provide photo equipment at the reading rooms in Copenhagen and Viborg, where we have tripods and lamps that you can borrow. Ask the staff in the reading room for the equipment.

The use of the equipment is at your own risk.

The reading rooms in Odense and Aabenraa will also be providing photo equipment as soon as possible.


During photographing, records must not be exposed to unnecessary wear, degradation factors, etc. Therefore, the following rules apply:

  • Do not use hand scanners, desktop scanners, scanning pens, and similar equipment that requires hard physical contact between recording equipment and records.
  • Do not use a flash.

There may be instances where you may not copy records due to the provisions of the Archives Act or the Copyright Act. This applies to:

  • Not immediately available records where the Danish National Archives have laid down a prohibition in the licence.
  • Private records where the copyright holder has not authorized reproduction.

Copy of records

You may also use the reading room’s facilities to make copies of records.

Read about the reading rooms’ copying facilities