Copying records

You can make copies of records at the Danish National Archives reading rooms.

Possibility to make copies of records

There is a book scanner in the Danish National Archives reading rooms that can make digital copies of the records. Bring your own USB key to save the copies. For the present, there is no charge for using the book scanner.

There is no photocopier in the reading rooms in Copenhagen and Viborg.

There are still photocopiers that have coin deposits in the reading rooms in Odense and Aabenraa.

You may not copy all records

You may not copy all records. In each case, the reading room supervisor can inform you whether you are allowed to copy.

You may not copy the following, among other things:

  • Records that are bound – for example, records and copybooks
  • Registers
  • Records with seals
  • Parchments
  • Records larger than A3 – e.g. maps and drawings
  • Original censuses and conscription rolls (lægdsruller)
  • Records where the state of conservation does not allow copying

You have the option to order copies and scans of records, e.g. the records you may not copy.

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There may be instances where you may not copy records due to the provisions of the Archives Act or the Copyright Act. This applies to:

  • Not immediately available records where the Danish National Archives have laid down a prohibition in the licence.
  • Private records where the copyright holder has not authorized reproduction.

Photography of records

You can also take photos of records with your own camera.

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