Transcription – order here

If you find it difficult to read a document in the Danish National Archives’ collections, you can order a transcription for a fee. You can start by identifying the relevant documents in the reading room.

Before you order

It would often be useful to start by identifying the relevant documents in the archive’s reading room. Please attach a copy of the document that you wish to have transcribed.

If you are ordering for business purposes, please provide your Company Registration Number.

If a copy of the document is not attached, the archive will need certain information in order for the transcripts to be made. The requester must provide a clear identification of the documents to be transcribed.

If the required information is not included in the order, the Danish National Archives can offer to conduct an archive survey to identify the records to be transcribed. This survey will be conducted for a fee.

Archive search – order here

The Danish National Archives will inform you of whether it is possible to implement a given transcription. Depending on the quality and scope of the records, the Archives reserve the right not to undertake the transcription assignment.

The Danish National Archives also reserve the right not to perform a complete transcription of the document if passages in the text are illegible and transcription is not possible.

If you wish, we will send you a price estimate before we begin the task.

What I may see

The Archives Act’s accessibility rules apply to records where a transcription is requested. However, since it is typically older documents that require a transcription, the issue of accessibility will rarely be relevant.


*Please note that your inquiry has not been received until you have received a receipt email at the email address you provided.