The Research Service of the Danish National Archives

The Danish National Archives have source material to place any research issue in a historical perspective. As a revenue-funded organisation, we can help identify data for research projects at national and international level.

We store more than 400 kilometres of original paper records and documents and 4500 databases from public authorities with content reflecting every aspect of Danish society. The collections, which represent more than 1000 years of Denmark’s history, can be complicated to navigate, which may discourage researchers from involving the National Archives as potential data providers.

We offer our assistance

The purpose of the Danish National Archives’ research service is therefore to provide researchers, including researchers from the natural sciences, health sciences and social sciences, with an offer of access to the professional competence necessary to manoeuvre in the collections. The Danish National Archives contain original sources in virtually all areas and can assist with e.g.

  • Health data of an internationally high standard
  • Comparative data supplier (benchmarking data)
  • Data on nature and environmental conditions
  • Arctic area
  • Demographic data
  • Financial matters

We also offer to key in and store data for further research, as well as recommending alternative groups of sources/avenues of investigation, where new data may be identified.

Come and meet us

We will hold an introductory meeting free of charge where the researcher’s expectations are formulated and our suggestions are discussed. If there is a basis for initiating data identification, specified requirements must be formulated for the Danish National Archives. This is the guiding principle for the entire project and clarifies the Archives’ service. In certain cases, the requirement specification must be processed in relation to the Archives Act. We will then send you a price estimate and a schedule.

You are welcome to complete the form below in preparation for an initial meeting.

Further information

Area Manager: Jesper Steffensen – – T 41 71 74 57
Archivist: Adam Jon Kronegh – – +45 41 71 72 29

Research Service

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  • Information about the customer

  • I understand and accept that the initial meeting is free of charge. The subsequent investigation will be billed based on the scope of the investigation according to the Danish National Archives’ Revenue-Funded Organisation’s price quotation regarding the assignment.


* Please note that your inquiry has not been received until you have received a receipt email at the email address you provided.