The Danish National Archives reading room in Odense

The Danish National Archives, Odense accept archival material from state authorities, local authorities and individuals within the area of Funen and the surrounding islands.


Records of special interest transferred from private individuals include an abundant number from the various landed estates in Funen. The Archives hold approximately 20 kilometres of records.

Researchers and staff

The Archives is a central institution for all work relating to the history of the region of Funen. The collections are used by researchers at the University of Southern Denmark and other institutions of higher education, as well as local historians and genealogists.

At the reading room

There is a large storage room adjoining the Reading Room at the Archives where visitors can find the most frequently used records. Parish Registers, records of civil marriages, Probate Registers and copyholder records, county journals, draft lists, etc. as well as reserved records are kept at this storage. The Archives also contain a map table for large format maps.

Certain records kept in remote storage

Inventories for requesting other types of archival material are located in the Reading Room. It is possible to submit a request for Records which are not directly accessible to the users, by filling in the reservation slips (located by each seat) with specific information found in these inventories. The users have direct access to the Archives’ Reference Library located in the gallery; there, among other material, one can find the Danish Legal Gazette, legal references, administration history, biographies, Danish history, monographs, local history and general historical publications.