Inter-library loan of records

Inter-library loan of records means that you can use records from one of the Danish National Archives reading rooms at another of the reading rooms.

You can access records through inter-library loan between the following reading rooms:

  • The reading room in Copenhagen
  • The reading room in Aabenraa
  • The reading room in Odense
  • The reading room in Viborg

Rules for inter-library loan of records

Inter-library loan usually presupposes that the user has reviewed the records in the reading room where they belong and selected the records for inter-library loan.

It is not possible to inter-library loan all records and there are limitations to the scope of the loans.

See how many units you can borrow and how long you can borrow them for

Records protected by time limits for availability

Records that are not immediately available and which the borrower has been granted permission to view can also be inter-library loaned.

Read about the accessibility rules

Excluded from inter-library loan – guideline list

You will normally be able to inter-library loan records that are not listed on the indicative list below.

In general
You cannot inter-library loan records:

  • of outstanding national importance, or other selected records
  • from before 1848
  • when they are exempt from lending to the unit’s reading room due to the state of conservation
  • are so fragile that they cannot be shipped
  • the format prevents proper shipment
  • are not put in order or registered
  • where there is a copy (but the copy, usually a film, may instead be inter-library loaned)

Records that are frequently used or necessary for the use of other records
You cannot inter-library loan:

  • Citizenship records
  • Fire insurance records, fire handling records and similar records
  • Judgment and voting records from the Supreme Court
  • Records from other court
  • Censuses
  • Performance records, registrants, copybooks and records, registers and similar search terms
  • Minute books and files from professional organizations
  • Registers of farm leases
  • Records, registers and similar search terms
  • Court records
  • Parish registers
  • Conscription rolls (lægdsruller)
  • Land registers
  • Minutes of town councils
  • Probate registers and other probate records
  • Mortgages and mortgage registers with land registers and other registers
  • Search agents