About booking and service

The records of the Danish National Archives are kept in local or remote repositories. When you wish to use records in the reading room, you must order them from the repository. Records must be ordered online in the archive database Daisy.

Order records when you visit the reading room or order from home

You can order records during your visit to one of the Danish National Archives reading rooms, or you can order them from home prior to your visit to the archive.

Pre-ordering of records is a good idea if the archives in question are in a remote repository. Then the records can be ready for you when you come to the reading room.

Order records in the archive database Daisy


  • Records that are in the process of being delivered cannot be ordered until the process of receiving and registering the records is complete.
  • Scanned records cannot be ordered for use in a reading room. You can instead view them online. There is a link from the archive database Daisy to the image viewer, where you can view the scanned records.

A user profile is a prerequisite for placing an order

You must create a free user profile at the Danish National Archives if you wish to order records through Daisy.

 Create a user profile here

How long does it take to process an order?

The average processing time is half an hour for records in a repository close to the reading rooms.
Some of the reading rooms’ collections are in remote repositories, and special processing times apply for these archives and may vary from archive to archive.

Daisy will inform you about processing times
When you place an order for these archives, Daisy will inform you of the expected processing time for the records you are currently ordering.

You will be informed by email when your orders are ready for you

You will receive an email once we have processed your order and the records are ready for use.