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Do you need to document residence information? The Danish National Archives can investigate population registers for the period from 1924 to 1978, for a fee. The investigations can be carried out to the extent that the records have been submitted to the Danish National Archives.

Before you order

The Danish National Archives have received population registration cards for the period 1924-1978 from some, but far from all, municipalities.

As a rule, information more recent than 1978 must be sought in the population register in the municipality concerned.

The population records contain residence and other person-related information. Population registration cards are the precursors of the CPR (Civil Registration) register.

What you may see

Population registration cards contain information about private matters. The Archives Act determines the deadline for when the records become directly available.

Access to information in the population registry is conditional upon the person for whom information is requested being deceased and that the information is older than 30 years and not contained in the Civil Registration System.

Information about individuals in population records is typically ordered by public authorities, for example, in connection with pension matters.

The information is also used by individuals for genealogical research and the like.

When the criteria have been met

If the criteria for access have been met, you can obtain the following information about the requested person:

  • All names
  • Date and place of birth
  • Civil status, dates and place
  • Addresses, specifying moving in and moving out
  • Familial relationships with the deceased, stating the relative’s name and date of birth. Please

We can investigate a person’s addresses through the population registration survey until 1978 and subsequently refer to the population registry in the municipality concerned, which evaluates whether the current address may be disclosed.

Conditions for the investigation

On the basis of the information received, the Danish National Archives will review the relevant population registration cards in order to find the requested information.

The survey is conducted on the following terms:

  • The investigation can continue if the person moves to another municipality which has also submitted its population registry to the Danish National Archives,
  • If, however, the person moves to a municipality which has not submitted its population registration cards to one of the archives, the investigation must be discontinued.


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