DDA – Danish Data Archive

Your access point to quantitative research data in the Danish National Archives, providing information on ordering, depositing and using quantitative research data.

Find quantitative research data

DDA Search provides the largest collection of survey-based research data in Denmark to researchers and students.

Find and order research data at DDA Search

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Depositing research data

Do you wish to deposit data from your research project at the National Archives?

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Research data management

As a researcher, it is crucial to manage your research data in a safe and proper manner throughout the research process.

Read the National Archives guidance and recommendations for data documentation, data management plans and data management policies.

Methodology & Research Design

DDA’s Open Access journal Methodology & Research Design presents articles on methodology, data collection, analysis and presentation, and more.

The journal is based on survey research in the social sciences, but the intention is to be inclusive in terms of methods and scientific disciplines.

The articles in Methodology and Research Design are peer-reviewed.

Read Methodology & Research Design (in Danish)

KOR – the coordinating body for registerbased research

The National Archives acts as secretariat for the Danish Coordinating Body for Registerbased Research (KOR), whose task it is to strengthen registerbased research in Denmark.

Visit KOR’s website (in Danish)