Scanning of documents – order here

You can order scans of documents from the collections of the Danish National Archives upon the payment of a fee. Both paper and electronic documents can be scanned.

Before you order

You can work with the original documents in the reading rooms of the Danish National Archives. However, it is also possible to order scans of the documents.

You can take digital photos of most of the documents. In a number of cases, it is possible to take paper or digital copies in the reading room. With regard to journals and other documents that are difficult to scan in the usual way, we will ask you to order scans of the documents.

If your order is for commercial purposes, you must also supply your Business Registration number (CVR-nummer).

Microcards and microfilm

Filmingscentret can scan microcards and deliver the files to our dropbox, Filkassen, from which you can download the files to your computer. You can also have the files delivered on a USB flash drive.

*** Please note, that scanning of microfilm is temporarily unavailable. ***

Order scans of paper documents

Boxes marked with * must always be filled in.
  • If you have an access permit from the Danish National Archives, please write the file number here
  • State the authority/company/association/ /person who created the archival series
  • State the name of the archival series
  • State the dating of the archival series
  • (Filkassen is our dropbox, from which you can download the files to your own computer.)
  • Information about the person placing the order

  • Only to be filled in by public authorities and companies with an EAN number
  • See the price at the top right of the page


*Please note that your inquiry has not been received until you have received a receipt email at the email address you provided.