How to report errors on Arkivalieronline

We cannot change the stains and blotches of the past, but we would very much like to correct any errors caused by the scanning process.

Arkivalieronline contains more than 30 million single images of archival records. That is more than we can proofread, so please tell us if you find errors or omissions.

How to report an error

You choose the image with the error in the image viewer of Arkivalieronline. If one or more images are missing, choose either the image immediately before the missing image or the image immediately after.

When you click the exclamation mark, a form will open where you can describe what kind of error you have encountered. It is helpful if you fill in the text box at the bottom of the page, for instance with information on how many images this error applies to.

If an entire archival unit is missing, for instance a church register

If the entire unit is missing, you cannot see it in the viewer and report it. Instead, you should email Arkivalieronline:

Remember to look up the unit in DAISY (the online catalogue of the Danish National Archives) before you email us. In DAISY you will find the exact references to the unit and we need this information to trace the unit. It would be helpful if you could paste in a link to the relevant page in DAISY in your email. If you cannot find the archival unit in DAISY, it may be because it has not (yet) been submitted to the Danish National Archives. In that case, it cannot be scanned and no error report is needed. This may be the case with church registers of more recent date.