Arkivalieronline – see original documents online

The Danish National Archives is working to digitize its collections. See the digital version of the records here. More records will be added to the site as the digitization progresses.


Find original documents from the archives online (mainly danish).

See also: Finding Aids (in Danish)

The digital records are identical to the original records

Registers and documents have been digitally scanned page by page. This means that the digital copy is identical to the original.

The various kinds of records are organized in different ways. The content can be arranged according to topic, chronology, a numbering system or geography. Consequently, it is always a good idea to start by taking a look at the guide to the records.

Help, errors and omissions

Arkivalieronline contains more than 30 million single images of archival records. That is more than we can proofread, so please tell us if you find errors or omissions. We cannot change the stains and blotches of the past, but we would very much like to correct any errors caused by the scanning process. Read more about how you report errors on Arkivalieronline

Support for Arkivalieronline – if you need to get help for problems related to Arkivalieronline.

Old Danish records are written in a different alphabet

The majority of the records on Arkivalieronline are handwritten, and if they are older than 1875 they are also written in Gothic script. It is very different from the Latin script used in Denmark today.
Gothic Script – an introduction