Apply for permission to see documents

You can see large parts of the collections of the Danish National Archives in a reading room, and you can find others on the internet. However, documents with confidential information are protected by a time limit for accessibility, and in these cases you can apply for permission to see the material.

You must apply for permission to see documents with confidential information

Large parts of our collections are immediately accessible in that everybody can come and use the documents in the reading rooms of the Danish National Archives. In many cases, the documents can be freely used when they are 20 years old. In normal circumstances, material that is less than 20 years old has not been handed in to the Danish National Archives.

The time limits are longer than 20 years if the documents contain confidential information. For example, the time limit for accessibility for material with information about purely private matters is 75 years.

There are frequently special and individual limits for private archives.

You can apply for an exemption from the time limit for accessibility. Applications for exemptions are processed according to the principle of the greatest possible openness, and in 2012 99.4% of applicants received access to the material they had applied to see.

The rules for accessibility are laid down in the Arkivloven (Archives Act). The rules are intended to protect confidential information of a public and private nature.

How do I apply for permission to see the material?

You can apply for an exemption from the time limits by filling in the application form at the bottom of the page.

Each application is individually processed, and the Danish National Archives must reply to the application 15 days at the latest after it has been received. You will receive an answer in writing.


*Please note that your inquiry has not been received until you have received a receipt email at the email address you provided.