Use the Danish National Archives’ survey data

The Danish National Archives makes available Denmark’s largest collection of questionnaire-based research data to researchers and students. Order research data, make online analyses and get access to register data and international survey data.

Denmark’s largest collection of questionnaire-based research data

Find and order data from the Danish National Archives’ collection of survey data (previously called DDA – the Danish Data Archive).

We make every effort to ensure that freely available studies are issued no later than four working days after an order has been placed. When ordering a large number of studies, however, a longer delivery time is to be expected.

Ordering research data that contains personal data

In some of the Danish National Archives’ collections there is research data which includes personal data such as civil registration numbers.

If you as a researcher wish to order data that contains personal data, you need the approval of the Danish Data Protection Agency.

How to proceed:

  1. The research project that you wish to use the data for must be approved by the Danish Data Protection Agency.
  2. When you order data from the Danish National Archives, you must list the reference number from the Danish Data Protection’s approval of your project.
  3. The Danish National Archives obtains a permit to issue data from the Danish Data Protection Agency (and the authority that submitted it).
  4. When the permit has been received, data can be delivered:
    • We recommend that this take place via Statistics Denmark’s (DST) or Sundhedsdatastyrelsen’s (the Danish Health Data Authority – SDS) research service. In that connection, we will need a copy of your data processor agreement with DST/SDS, the project number and the name of the person responsible for the project at DST/SDS. We send data to DST/SDS which then make it available to you via their researcher service.
    • Alternatively, we can issue the data directly to you.

You can also have data sent in an anonymised form (with all personal data, serial numbers, etc. removed).

This does not require the permission of the Danish Data Protection Agency.

International survey data

Find a number of international research datasets such as the Eurobarometer series, European Social Survey and ISSP.

The Danish National Archives also allow you to access the US data archive ICPSR’s enormous collection of social science research data.

How to proceed:

  1. Find what you need at
  2. Write to, after which we will send the data to you as quickly as possible.

Register data for use in research

Digitally created archival records (register data, etc.) from public authorities often contain information which may be of great research value. In the Danish National Archives’ archive database, Daisy, you can find a number of public registers. Please note that the database in Danish.

KOR (a coordinated organ for register research) has a search page where you can search through metadata concerning all public registers. Please note that the page is in Danish.

You can also read about digitally created data with the Danish National Archives (in Danish).