The Danish National Archives – Health

Danish National Archives - Health is a project at the Danish National Archives aimed at improving the quality of and streamlining the underlying data for health-related research. The project works with researchers across the entire country and has a consulting team composed of health science professionals.

The Danish National Archives – Health project focuses on ensuring that data from research projects on health promotion, healthcare services research, epidemiology, specific diseases, clinical studies and registers from authorities are collected, documented, enriched with metadata, made visible and used for health science research and education purposes.

The project is mainly intended for students and researchers working with health science, but everyone is free to explore the collection. Please note that the database is in Danish.

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  • Background

    The Danish National Archives – Health project is continuing the work that was started in 1996 with the project “Enheden for Registrering af Sundhedsvidenskabelige data (ERAS)”, which in English can be translated as “The Unit for the Registration of Health Science Data”.

    The Danish National Archives – Health project was created on the basis of a grant from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science for the purpose of continuing the initiatives working with the collection, storing and communication of health science data under the auspices of the Danish National Archives.

  • The work at Danish National Archives - Health

    The Danish National Archives – Health project works to increase the use of health data from research and authorities in health science and social science research and education. This is done by the Danish National Archives ensuring that data from social science, health science and authorities is delivered and put into long-term storage in cases where there is assessed to be a particular potential for health science research.

    The efforts related to health science data are integrated into the functions for the collection, storing and availability of data at the Danish National Archives.

    The Danish National Archives – Health project collects health science research data for long-term storage and makes it available for research and education. Based on the provisions of the Danish Archives Act, it is the Danish National Archives that assesses whether data should be stored. Therefore, research data must be reported to the Danish National Archives, see more here: Reporting form for research data.

    When data is reported, the Danish National Archives will decide if the dataset should be delivered to the archive or not. There will be a delivery deadline included in the decision if the data is to be delivered. The delivered data must contain complete documentation – metadata, etc.

    You can view instructions for reporting and delivering research data here.

    Once data has been delivered, the Danish National Archives – Health will ensure that data is stored in a long-term storage format and process the data so that it can later be used for research and education.

    The Danish National Archives – Health project staff visit educational institutions, associations, institutions, etc., and instruct them in how to report data, data management, and also teach them how to search for and deliver data.

    The Danish National Archives – Health project is regularly involved in national and international projects related to the development of methods and tools that support research data management and the application of data in new research on an ongoing basis.

  • Health professional consultants

    The Danish National Archives – Health project continually develops its services together with our users and an external team of health professional consultants:

    • Annette Kjær Ersbøll, Professor, PhD in Statistics, National Institute of Public Health
      (SIF), University of Southern Denmark
    • Søren Paaske Johnsen, Senior Research Doctor, Clinical Associate Professor, Clinical Epidemiology,
      Skejby Science Centre, Aarhus University
    • Allan Linneberg, Head of Research, Senior Physician, Professor, PhD, Center for Clinical Research and Prevention, Frederiksberg Hospital

    The Danish National Archives – Health project and the consultant team evaluate the initiative’s results and discuss new needs from health science researchers at universities and hospitals in terms of data documentation, storage and data communication.

  • Archiving network for Danish National Archives - Health

    In order to maintain a dialogue and partnership with health science research environments, the Danish National Archives – Health project has created a network of researchers in the field of health science.

    The members of the archiving network also contribute towards putting a focus on data archiving and good data practices in health research.

    The network has over sixty members distributed across more than fifty research units.

  • Annual reports

    Read the annual reports for the Danish National Archives – Health project here (in Danish).

    From 2019 and beyond, these are the primary focus areas of the initiatives:

    • Data management support
    • Collecting and receiving data
    • Working together with the health science environments
    • Safe storage and processing, including collecting knowledge on new data formats for health data
    • Secure access to be expanded to include Sundhedsdatastyrelsen (The Danish health data agency)
    • Current and historical data for health research and teaching

    All initiatives are coordinated with The Coordinating Organ for Register Research (KOR) (please note that the page is only in Danish) which “monitors and evaluates the services provided by the Danish National Archives – Health project.” For more information see Plan for the year 2019 (in Danish).

    Below you can find lists from earlier years:


    Incoming data 2018 (in Danish)
    Processed data 2018 (in Danish)
    Delivered data 2018 (in Danish)
    Plan for 2018 (in Danish)


    Incoming data 2017 (in Danish)
    Processed data 2017 (in Danish)
    Delivered data 2017 (in Danish)

  • References to research data in the Danish National Archives

    When using data issued by the Danish National Archives, you must reference it in the following manner in the bibliography:

    Researcher(s), Year, Title, Issued by the Danish National Archives, DOI link


Questions, comments, suggestions, etc. concerning the Danish National Archives – Health project are to be sent to IT archivist Lindie Tessmer Andersen.

The project is a part of the Danish National Archives Digital Services. Follow Digital Services on Facebook.

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