Monday 4. Sep. 2017

New exhibition at the Danish National Archives – Do you forget?

Can you imagine a world without memory? Can you imagine generations being forgotten? Can you imagine a society without history?

On September 1, 2017, the Danish National Archives in Copenhagen opened its doors to a new permanent exhibition: Do you forget? The National Archives has had various special exhibitions based on historical periods in recent years. The new exhibition focuses on the activity of the National Archives itself.

What would happen if society did not have a common memory?

The exhibition illustrates the important role of the archives in society by, tongue in cheek, playing with the thought: what could potential issues in society be if archives did not exist? What would happen if society did not have a common memory in terms of documentation?

The importance of archives in a democratic society

The basic idea of the exhibition is to illustrate the importance of having archives in a democratic society, based on documentation. “What makes this exhibition different is that the display cases contain both archival and fabricated documents that will get the visitors thinking,” says Ronja Vejdegren, the Danish National Archives’ exhibition manager. “One can also take part in the document duel, share archive stories and tips at our eternity tree, or immerse oneself in our huge photo wall with 14 photographs of documents of outstanding national importance.”

Practical information

When: September 1, 2017. Permanent exhibition.

Where: The reading room of the Danish National Archives in Provianthuset, 1218 Copenhagen K