Monday 1. Feb. 2021

COVID-19 restrictions at the Danish National Archives winter 2020/21

Please find below the Danish National Archives’ current restrictions of COVID-19 for citizens and authorities.

Read news on COVID-19 restrictions in Danish.

The current lockdown of the Danish National Archives means that our four reading rooms are closed as well as our  addresses: Rigsdagsgaarden 9 and Kalvebod Brygge 34 in Copenhagen. The lockdown means that we’re closed for any visits currently until Wednesday 21st of April 2021.

The reading rooms

The reading rooms in The Black Diamond in Copenhagen, Odense, Viborg and Aabenraa are closed. The lockdown is currently set until Wednesday 21st of April. All active loans in the reading rooms are extended.

For Public Danish Authorities

Until 5th of April the Danish National Archives are not open for:

  • Transfer, receipt and test of information packages
  • Authority loans in Copenhagen, Viborg and Odense

Read about appraisals and transfer to The Danish National Archives.

Contact and online services

Durring the lockdown you can still use all our online services. and contact us here or call us by phone +45 33923310. 

The Danish National Archives follow the COVID-19 regional injunctions for the libraries regarding restrictions and lockdown. For further information please check where you also can follow the current updating.

This information has been updated on: March 24, 2021.