Ada – test program for submission information packages

Ada is the Danish National Archives’ software that tests whether a submission information package meets the requirements of Executive Order No. 128 of 12 February 2020.

Who can use Ada?

Public authorities responsible for submitting a a submission information package  of data from an IT system to the Danish National Archives or other public archives. This also includes suppliers who prepare a submission information package on behalf of public authorities.

Ada contains both a number of Open Source modules and modules subject to licensing regulations. Therefore, the program may be distributed by the Danish National Archives only. It is recommended to read the release note prior to downloading and using the program.

The Danish National Archives are not required to provide direct support for the use of the program and guarantee no form of uptime or accessibility. Please note that a completed Ada test does not necessarily mean that the Danish National Archives can immediately approve a a submission information package.


There is ongoing error correction in Ada, so be sure to check for new versions of the program. You can sign up for our newsletter of updates so that you are automatically notified when major changes occur in the program.


Download the latest version of Ada as well as descriptions of the software:

Pdf-ikon Releasenote ADA 4.0.0

Zip-ikon ADA installer 4.0.0


Find out how ADA works and how a test takes place:

Pdf-ikon Guidelines on using ADA

Feedback on the use of Ada

You can provide feedback about the use of Ada by sending an email to:

The Danish National Archives continuously assess the suggestions and problems that have been submitted and prioritize solving them. As a starting point, at present only errors and flaws that means that a a submission information package cannot be tested are corrected. However, as always you are welcome to submit requests for new functionality. These wishes will be collected and prioritized at a later date.