User Services

User Services is responsible for serving and communicating with users of the Danish National Archives’ data - both on paper and digitally.

A core task in this area is to work towards ensuring that it continually becomes easier to find and use the Danish National Archives’ data.

This applies when users only use self-service (such as, for example, on Arkivalieronline, Dansk Demografisk Database and the Danish National Archives’ Search Service).

It also applies when users need guidance and assistance from the Danish National Archives (for example, when they want to use data that is not immediately freely available under the provisions of the Danish Archives Act).

The tasks include:

  • Developing and maintaining users’ access to and use of the Danish National Archives’ data. This applies to relevant parts of the website’s functionality, searching through metadata on the Danish National Archives’ collections, using data available online and ordering paper records and digital data.
  • Developing and maintaining support services and guidance material on using the Danish National Archives’ data.
  • Providing individual guidance to users, e.g. by phone, in writing or as part of the assistance offered in the reading rooms.
  • Processing of cases related to accessing records, including issuing digitally created data.
  • Coordination and exchange of data to solutions that make it possible to exhibit the Danish National Archives’ data in partners’ IT solutions.
  • Heraldic activities.

Crowdsourcing, international relationships, research and events

User Services facilitate the assistance of users who individually or as an organisation want to contribute to the enrichment of the Danish National Archives’ collections via, for example, transcriptions, guidance or retrodigitisation (crowdsourcing).

This unit also covers being responsible for international relationships and exchanging data with external institutions and companies such as Ancestry, Family Search, Danish Family Search, etc.

The unit also works with research activities.

User Services is responsible for, among other things, the following externally oriented activities: User courses, Historiske Dage (History Days), Kulturnatten (Culture Night), Kulturmødet (Culture Meeting), etc.

Head of the area: Allan Vestergaard