The Secretariat of the Director General

The Secretariat of the Director General has a staff of 7 who are located in Copenhagen under the senior management of the Archives.

The secretariat has a variety of duties. The main tasks comprise legal counselling concerning the Archive Act in all areas of the organization, handling cases to do with right of access to records, services for the minister, ongoing support for senior management, and crisis and press management.

The secretariat also handles the following key tasks: Strategic communication, development of communication and branding strategy, heraldry consultancy, project support, project management and guidance regarding applications to funds in connection with large-scale projects. In addition, the secretariat is responsible for a number of publications such as the National Archives’ annual reports, annual accounts and Nordisk Arkivnyt.


The secretariat handles key tasks in the Danish National Archives, focusing on support for senior management:

  • Support for senior management
  • Legal tasks
  • The press and crisis management
  • Strategic communication
  • Heraldry
  • Project support and project management
  • Guidance and work with funds