Management Secretariat

The Management Secretariat supports the National Archivist, the executive board and the entire management’s strategic or institutional level work.

The Management Secretariat has a broad overview of the Danish National Archives’ tasks and can support, coordinate and optimise the collaboration across the organisation, and the unit also contributes to the development of the Danish National Archives’ strategic focus. The secretariat is also responsible for the Danish National Archives’ internal and external communications and visual identity.

The Management Secretariat serves as the link between the Danish National Archives and the Danish Ministry of Culture and offers input to the political work in the Ministry of Culture’s department.

The tasks include:

  • Facilitation of strategy and follow-up.
  • Development of policy.
  • Serving the executive board and quality assurance.
  • Project portfolio management.
  • Website editing and visual identity.
  • Communication tasks and press contacts.
  • Research management and development of research strategies.
  • Fundraising.

Head of the area: Martin Bork