Income-Funded Activities

Income-Funded Activities is responsible for the Danish National Archives’ revenue-generating activities and thus offers assistance to all user groups for the specific task(s) that they might be working with in relation to the Danish National Archives.

The user group thus spans from delivering authorities to private individuals and companies that want assistance with identifying certain information in the Danish National Archives’ collections – both in digital and paper formats.

Income-Funded Operations therefore also provides services to the users which, for various reasons, cannot or do not wish to undertake, for example, searches for information or archives and where the assistance and aid that the Danish National Archives offers as standard is insufficient.

The tasks include:

  • Assisting delivering authorities.
  • Consultancy work.
  • Documentation work and information searches.
  • Researcher service.
  • Retrodigitisation tasks.

Head of the area: Jesper Steffensen