HR, Legal and the Joint Secretariat

HR, Legal and the Joint Secretariat are responsible for a number of administrative and support functions related to payroll and HR, management support, legal counsel and shared secretariat functions.

The main tasks of this unit involve offering a high standard of advice and service, ensuring stable and efficient operations and contributing to the development of the Danish National Archives as an attractive workplace which meets the standards for good employer behaviour, the principles for good public management practices, etc.

The tasks cover the following main areas:

  • Payroll and staff administration.
  • HR and organisational development.
  • Cooperation and working environment.
  • Legal advice with a focus on the Danish Public Information Act, the Danish Public Administration Act, the Danish Archives Act, the GDPR and IT security.
  • Joint secretariat tasks (mail, search, filing, etc.).
  • System responsibility for administrative systems dealing with HR, payroll and the Danish National Archives’ EDRM system.
  • Ensuring compliance in terms of HR, payroll and legislation, including in terms of good employer behaviour, good public administration practices, etc.

Head of the area: Diana Søe Sandell