Digital Preservation

Digital Preservation is responsible for storing digitally created and retrodigitalised data securely and cost-effectively so that they can be found and reused.

The unit prepares and maintains methods and standards for credible long-term storage of digitally created data and ensures that data is tested and quality assured as it is received.

The unit is responsible for ensuring that the Danish National Archives’ storage system is continually scaled and developed to manage the conservation tasks.

Digital Preservation ensures that data that is to be made available is found and processed for reuse, either via loading it in the access tool Sofia via extracts or by converting it to a desired statistical format.

The tasks include:

  • Development and maintenance of rules for submitting information packages.
  • Knowledge work and international collaboration in relation to the digital preservation task.
  • Working with and instructing IT suppliers.
  • Maintenance and operation of the Danish National Archives’ conservation system.
  • Receiving and testing digitally created data.
  • Storing of approved data.
  • Processing and delivery of data.

Head of the area: Jan Dalsten Sørensen