Communication of Archival Data

Communication of Archival Data exhibits the Danish National Archives’ data in new ways so that both existing and new users are aware of and use unexploited opportunities in the Danish National Archives’ data.

This applies to both existing data and data that the Danish National Archives receives on an ongoing basis. ‘Exhibit’ is here meant as making data available in digital and, ideally, machine-readable formats and to develop new digital solutions and services.

The tasks include:

  • Responsibility for the development of the Danish National Archives’ access infrastructure.
  • Development and initial operations of services that allow the Danish National Archives’ collections of digitally created data to become available to users in ways that meet their needs. This applies to data created by administration, research data and data from private archive creators.
  • Development of solutions that make it possible to exhibit the Danish National Archives’ data in external infrastructures.
  • Formulation, maturation and development of new exhibition data and datasets (as a general rule, in collaboration with external stakeholders).
  • Coordination of activities in Danish National Archives – Health, with a particular focus on the application of data.
  • Instructing students and researchers in how to use the Danish National Archives’ collections.
  • Contributing to processing access requests and issuing digitally created data.

The unit also works with research activities.

Head of the area: Anne Sofie Fink Kjeldgaard