Acquisition and Preservation

We ensure the preservation of documentation of Danish society for the benefit of both the present and the future.

Our tasks:

  • We create and maintain an overview of the documentation of their activity created by public authorities, researchers, private enterprises, organizations and single individuals, in both paper and digital form.
  • We assess the parts of this documentation that are to be preserved for posterity.
  • We ensure that documentation of the activities of state authorities, researchers and private enterprises, organizations and individuals judged worthy of preservation is submitted to the Danish National Archives.
  • We make sure that the collections in the Danish National archives, on paper and in digital form, are preserved in such a way that future users can find and make use of the materials they need.

We also cooperate with regions and municipalities, including the municipal archives, to ensure the preservation of the documentation created by municipalities and regions.

Acquisition and Preservation is also responsible for the Archives’ income-funded operations and for development at the Danish National Archives. For a fee, our income-funded operations undertake archival studies, inter alia, and prepare the records for delivery.


The section consists of the following areas:

  • Secretariat – Deputy Director Kirsten Villadsen Kristmar
  • Acquisition – head of area Mette Hall-Andersen
  • Digital Preservation – head of area Jan Dalsten Sørensen
  • IT development – head of area Ulla Mønster
  • Income-funded Operations – head of area Jan Vejle
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  • Digital Storage and Conservation

    Head of the area Jan Dalsten Sørensen


    Digital Storage and Conservation are responsible for the reception, long-term storage, and processing of digitally generated data so that it can be reused for new purposes. The area also maintains and further develops the National Archives’ methods for digital long-term conservation.

    Receiving and testing data
    The area receives and quality assures digitally created data, which, in accordance with the Archive Act, is handed over for conservation in the National Archives. Upon receipt, the staff assesses whether data complies with the rules for archiving data as specified in Executive Order 1007 on archive versions.

    Secure storage
    The area ensures that data is kept safe. This means that data is stored in multiple identical copies in several different types of media, optical and magnetic, and in several different geographical locations and that the collection is continuously monitored.

    Digital Storage and Conservation makes data ready for recycling. For data submitted in the form of archive versions, this is done by loading data in the Sofia program, which is the National Archives’ search program for digitally generated data and compiling search forms for the requested information. In the case of questionnaire data and other data from research projects, until further notice, the area carries out conservation where data is checked and corrected for errors and documented so that it can easily be reused in other research projects.

    Storage planning and method development
    Digital Storage and Conservation are responsible for the National Archives’ conservation planning. This task involves a continuous reassessment of the methods for digital conservation, including when it is necessary to introduce new conservation formats and migrate old formats to new and more modern ones. A crucial prerequisite for conservation planning is that the National Archives continuously collects knowledge about how public authorities and others utilize IT technology to maintain documentation of their activity, and the conservation solutions other conservation institutions and others develop.

    Strategic collaboration
    On behalf of the National Archives, the area enters strategic partnerships that are to ensure that the task of conservation is performed as well as possible. On the international level, the area represents the National Archives in the Open Preservation Foundation and DLM Forum, where the head of the area for Digital Storage and Conservation has held the chair since May 2017. The area also plays an active role in Nordic NorDig collaboration on digital archiving. In addition, the area collaborates with suppliers of IT solutions to the public sector and other stakeholders in digital management.