Important words

Sogn = Parish

Begivenhed = Ceremony

Fødsel = Birth

Konfirmation = Confirmation

Vielse = Marriage

Begravelse = Death

Til- og Afgang = Incoming and outgoing

Årstal = Year

Online services

The Danish State Archives provides a number of Internet services that make it possible to search for your ancestors online.

Danish Demographic Database

The Danish Demographic Database (DDD) is the obvious choice if you wish to search for your ancestors online via the State Archives.

The Danish Demographic Database provides a number of different sources in which to search.

To obtain positive results you will need some basic information to be used as search criteria. Obviously, results will appear only for people whose information has thus far been entered into the database; however, records are continually being added to the databases, primarily with help from volunteers.

Denmarks oldest and largest project in heritage crowdsourcing turns 20
Visit the Danish Demographic Database

The Danish State Archives Filming Centre digitises Parish Registers and Population Censuses in order to make them Internet accessible. The digitisation project is accomplished primarily through scanning microfiches and microfilms.

The Parish Registers and Population Censuses will be displayed as pictures of the original records. These pictures demonstrate that many records have been negatively affected by poor storage conditions, poor ink quality and general wear-and-tear - a state of affairs that is unfortunately irremediable. No registers have been compiled in which it is possible to conduct a search by name, occupation, address etc.

Almost all Danish Parish Registers completed prior to 1950 have already been launched. Within the coming years Parish Registers completed before 1960 will be uploaded to the internet database.


The Catalogue of The Danish State Archives, Daisy

Daisy is the online catalogue of the State Archives.

In Daisy you can search for information about the creators of our Archive series (authorities, companies, private individuals, etc.) as well as searching through the Archives series itself. An increasing portion of the documents held by the Danish State Archives are recorded in Daisy. Once the records have been registered in Daisy, you can use Daisy to search for them. If the records are scanned, you can see them online. If the records are not scanned, you can order them for use in the reading room.

Search in Daisy (in Danish)